X-Treme Lazer Tag
Phone: 812-238-8412
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Xtreme Group Information

We have group rates for a booking of 8 or more.
You have to make a group booking in advance
and pay a $25 deposit.
We have had great success with:

Church Youth Groups
Ball Teams
Bachelor or Bachelorette 
Corporate or Business 
Adult Groups
School Classes
Church Adult Groups
This is just to name some of the groups who have enjoyed
Lazer Tag.

Rates Per Player:

2 Games for  $14
3 Games for  $17
This is during regular hours and does not guarantee exclusive play.

We also have our private party option that is $300 an hour and offered 
on our off nights. We will not Rent for less than 1 Hour.  (1 Hour Minimum)

For Church Youth Group lock-ins during after hour time call us for the rates.